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Kök-e Yayıncılık 7.Sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları (5.Ünite/ Television)

Değerli Öğrencilerimiz 2020 /2021 Eğitim/ Öğretim yılında okutulacak olan 7. Sınıf İngilizce Kök-e Yayıncılık Ders Kitabı cevaplarını sizler için hazırladık.Sizler için hazırlamış olduğumuz 7. Sınıf İngilizce Kök-e Yayınları Ders Kitabı cevapları umarım gelişiminize yararlı olur. Öncelikle kendiniz ders ve çalışma kitabı cevaplarını yapmaya çalışmalısınız yapamadığınız yerde bizler size yardımcı olmak için buradayız. Şimdiden sizlere başarılı bir eğitim öğretim yılı diliyoruz.

2020/202a 7.Sınıf Kök-e Yayınları İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları (5.Ünite/ Television)

7.sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları Sayfa 64

1. How often do you watch TV? What are your favourite programmes?

  • I usually watch TV. My favourite programmes are quiz show and documentary.

7.sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları Sayfa 65

3. Read the text again. Complete the sentences.

1. Patrick often watches TV for 4 hours a day.
2. He likes zapping and changing TV channels .
3. He watched a wildlife documentary last night.
4. He prefers movies to TV series .
5. He thinks reality shows are pretty boring
6. He often watches football matches at weekends

7.sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları Sayfa 66

1 Match the photos with the words in the box. There is one extra word

  1. remote control
  2. documentary
  3. quiz show
  4. news
  5. talk show
  6. soap opera
  7. sitcom
  8. series
  9. reality show

7.sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları Sayfa 67

2 Listen to four people talking about different types of programmes. Mark the sentences as True (T) or False (F).

1. Tania listens to the news on the radio. FALSE
2. Tania wants to watch good news on TV. TRUE
3. Jim thinks soap operas are not enjoyable. TRUE
4. Kate prefers documentaries to dramas. FALSE
5. Kate watches quiz shows. TRUE
6. Max prefers reading to watching TV. TRUE

7.sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları Sayfa 68

1 Follow the lines. Complete the sentences about the people and their preferences.

1. Mert prefers talk show to reality shows.
2. Jane prefers riding bike to walking.
3. Miranda prefers vegetables to fast food.
4. Catherine prefers watching TV to reading books.
5. Kevin prefers swimming to doing exercise in the gym.

7.sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları Sayfa 69

2. Put the words in the correct order. Write the correct form of the verbs.

  1. My father prefers sitcom to soap operas.
  2. I prefer to outdoor activities to indoor activities.
  3. My sister prefers writing to reading.
  4. My Mother prefers watching TV to listening to the radio.
  5. I prefer Game of Thrones to other TV series.

7.sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları Sayfa 70

2. Listen to Sally talking about her favourite film series, Harry Potter films. Which film did she enjoy most?

  • She liked Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone most.

3. Listen again and circle the correct choice

1. Sally thinks commercials are ……
a. boring b. long
2. Last night she watched the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 ……
a. at the cinema b. on TV
3. How many directors worked on Harry Potter movies?
a. Four b. Two
4. She follows film discussions on ……
a. the Internet b. TV
5. Sally thinks people should ……
a. prefer Harry Potter books to Harry Potter movies.
b. read all the books and watch all the movies of Harry Potter

4. Complete the sentences. Use the words in the box.

1. I prefer talk shows to reality shows. Many famous people appear in talk shows.
2. Steven Spielberg is a successful director . He has many awards.
3. Bora is interested in movies. He often follows online discussion forums.
4. I hate commercials on TV. I always change the channel when they appear on TV.
5. I recommend you to watch that great documentary about global warming.

7.sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları Sayfa 71

2. Read the text. Which paragraph is about…

a. what you should do to have a better life? 3
b. the content of TV programmes? 2
c. the bad effects of TV on your health? 1

7.sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları Sayfa 72

3 Read the text again and answer the questions.

  1. Watching television for hours is very harmful for my eyes. I can  have headaches. Watching too much TV makes me lazy.
  2. If I watch TV for hours and I don’t do any physical activities.I don’t do exercise, walk, run or go outside to get some fresh air. I eat junk food and sit or lie down on a sofa for hours. These things make me lazy.
  3. I don’t spend enough time with my family and friends.
  4. I should limit the hours of watching TV for a healthy lifestyle

7.sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları Sayfa 74

1. Look at the photos of the films. Which film is…?

1 a. an action film?
b. a fantasy film?
c. a science fiction film?
d. a love story?
e. a horror film?

2. Listen to Brenda and Jason talking about famous films in the world. What types of films do they like?

  • Jason likes action films and Brenda likes love stories.

3. Listen again and write the name of the correct film

  1. The Dark Knight
  2. Romeo and Juliet
  3. Hunger Games
  4. The Lord of Rings : the Fellowship of the Ring
  5. Scream

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